Amplified Throat Microphone System with Loudspeaker - XVA-VC319-T822D

Highly sensitive Dual Transponder

Throat Microphone System 

With Powerful Compact Voice Amplifier

Include Wired and Wireless Headset Microphone

Simultaneous Voice Transmission Via Wired and Wireless Mic

A portable multi-function loudspeaker paired with IXRADIO dual transponder throat microphone 

This voice amplifier with throat mic system is ideal for anyone young or elderly people with a weak voice or voice disorders or acquired communication difficulties resulting from: Parkinson’s disease, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone disease, damaged or partially paralyzed vocal cords or from suffering a stroke. 

This system offers simultaneous voice output, you can combine both contact mic with voice mic to capture your voice. 

Just put on the throat microphone and plug in the connector to the voice amplifier microphone jack and use the wireless headset microphone from the voice amplifier.

Now you can maximize the voice output by capturing both voice via air (wireless headset microphone) and via contact (throat microphone). 


And it is
 also very useful when helmets or respiratory protection is required. Many PPE (Personal protective equipment), Face Mask, Gas Mask, SAR (Supplied Air Respirator), SCBA (Self contained Breathing apparatus) or CABA (Compressed air breathing Apparatus) cannot accommodate a microphone inside the mask. With a throat microphone, you can use it safely, as it is positioned outside the mask's face seal and as such it does not compromise the respiratory protection provided by the mask.

For user personnel that need to wear complete PPE (Personal protective equipment), you can wear and secure the throat microphone and voice amplifier before wearing your PPE clothing. The system is powerful and effective enough to broadcast your voice even having the speaker inside the PPE clothing. With this arrangement user can minimize equipment contamination and use it with ease. All equipment are concealed and secured inside, no wire dangling in front your body. All wires can be routed at your back of your body. Just whisper to communicate and save your voice. 

Voice Amplifier (Code: XVA-VC319-W80) - Click to Voice Amplifier product details.

Throat microphone (Code: XVTM822D-D35) - Click to Throat microphone product details.

Voice Amplifier Features :

> Lightweight Wireless Headset Microphone

> Two Speakers System, Simultaneous Voice Output

> Dual Microphones Design – Wired and Wireless Usage

> UHF Wireless Connection - Distance 40-50M
> One Key Recording Function
> Support Bluetooth, Micro SD / TF card and USB disk playback
> Rotary power switch and volume control
> Double microphone design, Can play music while using loud speaker
> Support Multiple User - Up to 2 users - 1 x Wireless and 1 x Wired Connection

Throat Microphone Features :

> Dual Piezoelectric Element Transponder - Real Contact Transducer

> Balanced Design For Improve Consistency and Reliability

> Assembled with Shielded Cable to Prevent EMI

> Increased Sensitivity - Higher Volume Output 

> Anti-Feedback - Reduce or Eliminate Feedback, Essential for Voice Amplifier Usage

> Adjustable Neck Rim - For Better Fit and Accommodate Different Neck Size 

Package Standard List -XVA-VC319-T822D:  

Voice Amplifier XVA-VC319-W80

Wired Headset Microphone x 1 pc

Wireless Headset Microphone (Black Color) x 1 pc

Digital Amplifier (Black Color)  x 1 pc

Inbuilt Rechargeable Li-ion Battery x 1 pc

Battery Charging Cable - USB to MicroUSB Connector x 1 pc

USB Adaptor x 1 pc

Adjustable sling strap x 1 pc

Belt Clip x 1 pc


Throat Microphone XVA-VC319-T822D

Dual Transponder Wired Throat Microphone  x 1 set


Voice Amplifier with Dual Transponder Throat Mic and Wireless Mic - XVA-VC319-T822D

  • Product Code: XVA-VC319-T822D
  • Availability: In Stock
  • USD185.80

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