Radio Throat Microphone System XTM850SD-G25  (with Dual Transponders) for Garmin Handheld Radios

Designed with a vibration sensor (Transponder) attached to your neck near the vocal cord. The sensor will only pick up the skin vibration signals from your vocal cord when you are talking rather than the air vibration signals from your mouth and the environment. Therefore, the background noises are almost totally eliminated. This perfectly eliminates the background noises and avoid echoes.

An advanced dual transponders throat microphone system for cell phone, gaming devices or PC with integrated 3.5mm jack. Come with extendable neck rim and a 3.5mm universal audio jack to plug in your favourite earphone. The package also include a earphone with ear hook. 

Design: Dual Transponder Neck Rim

Sensor: Piezoelectric Element Transducer

Weight: 100gm


> Dual Transponder Throat Microphone

> Tactical Compact Lightweight Design

Extendable Neck Rim for better fit

> Noise Canceling - Minimize or Eliminate Background Noise

> Universal Audio 3.5mm (1/8") jack for your favorite earphone input

> Tactical rugged PTT adapter with Garmin Single Pin Connector


Garmin Radio (1-pin)

Rino 110, Rino 120, Rino 130, Rino 520, Rino 530HCx, Rino 530, Rino 530HCx, Rino 610, Rino, 650 (does not work wth 650T), Rino 655t, Rino 700, Rino 750, Rino 755t

Radio Throat Microphone System XTM850SD-G25 (with Dual Transponders) for Garmin Handheld Radios

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